Rooftop Solar

HEC Infraprojects LTD offers turnkey rooftop solutions for buildings of all sizes and purposes thereby reducing their environmental impact and energy costs. With increased awareness about the long term benefits of using solar energy and supportive government policies, more and more buildings are turning green by installing Roof-top PV systems.

Our comprehensive Rooftop Solar Solutions include:

  • Solar PV Solution with Battery Back-up
  • This solution provides uninterrupted power for dedicated & critical loads like IT equipment, emergency lighting loads and lighting loads.

  • Solar PV Solution without Battery Back-up
  • This solution allows PV panels to be directly synchronized with the building LT panel to meet partial energy requirements of the building.

  • Jakson's rooftop solution is customized to meet your specific requirement. One of the main features of the Solution is its suitability for different kind of roof designs:
    • Flat concrete Rooftops
    • Metal Shade rooftop
    • Pitched Rooftops (inclined and tiled)

SKCS Rooftop Solar Installation